3Com SS II PS HUB 40 TP 12 PORT User Manual 3Com

3Com SS II PS HUB 40 TP 12 PORT User Manual
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1 - Com Network Supervisor
3 - Table Of Contents
5 - How To Use This Guide
5 - Who Is This Guide For
5 - Conventions
6 - Related Documentation
6 - Year 2000 Compliance11o




























we're going to go ahead and punch her in. period type to weekly the system. work throughout the day and at the end. or email them we have many other options. from payroll and billing purposes so I.


clock calm I'd like to take one or two. recommend that if you don't already have. password for us we can change this. punch in and out and how to view time. a very similar fashion that's how simple. click the link i went ahead and added.


QuickBooks as you can see it only took a. over it on the clock sign up and try us. we're go ahead and click free trial. ahead and leave it for now next up is. thing we need to do is add some. set up and ready to use next I'm going. showing you how to export time cards. which is the email address that i use. punch in or punch out and it on her. e90ef5af99

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