The Books Of Ezra: A Few Thousand Bucks

The Books of Ezra: A Few Thousand Bucks
by Ted Davis
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In Ezra’s first book, he learned about baseball, girls, cars, drinking, and a lot of hard physical labor, not necessarily in that order. America had not yet been pulled into the war in Europe, and we didn’t yet know much about that strange little country across the Pacific, known as Japan. As we pick up the story in book two, Ezra is now in his early 20’s, working hard for meager pay, and a long way from his family in Illinois and Indiana. He has been to a handful of states, now he thinks he would like to see the world. He enlists in the military and asks to go to the Philippines. He talks about baseball, girls, cars, and drinking, not necessarily in that order. He gets married on Independence Day, and soon after, his country also goes to war. He was on a troopship heading for the Philippines when news came over the radio about Pearl Harbor. It said, “This is not one of those Orson Wells stories like we had on Halloween a couple years before.” It said, “This is the real thing.” The ship was ordered back to San Francisco. He eventually does get his wish to go to the Philippines. Come with Ezra as he becomes the wanderer, the man with Government Issue Gypsy blood.


















The Books of Ezra: A Few Thousand Bucks Ted Davis










Ted Davis


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